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Common Questions

Q. Are your products certified as organic?

No, we feel the organic label is too low of a standard for the products we produce. Did you know that even if an animal is organically raised they can still be given antibiotics? We hold ourselves to a far higher standard and we do that because we know that all that work produces amazing meat, eggs and produce for us. We simply sell the extra!

Q. Are GMO crops use in our feed?

Yes, the massive amount of research we’ve done shows no hard evidence that GMO feed will alter the quality of the meat or eggs. We do not use GMO when growing produce.

Q. What kind of a life do our animals lead?

The vast majority of our animals are allowed access to the outside while the sun is up and they are put in a spacious and clean house at night with food and water. Quail are kept is a very large greenhouse because they are so vulnerable to predators. Our broiler chickens are raised in cages that have an open bottom on them, they are moved one to two times a day to give them fresh grass and keep them clean. This breed of chicken cannot be allowed to free range as they are prone to joint issues, which results in pain. We will always make the most humane choice possible for every animal.

Q. What is the difference between our products and products from the store?

Our products have been raised using the natural cycle of life, which means our products have the vitamins and minerals they are supposed to have. Our egg yokes are bright orange, not yellow! Our pork is darker than the pork you find in the store because we don’t feed corn or soybeans, instead our pigs are raised on pasture, which creates a rich and wonderful flavor. Our broiler chickens are raised on grass which means they eat grass and bugs all day and that adds healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. Finally, it’s important to understand that the labelling you find on products such as “all natural” have such a loose definition that it almost means nothing. We will never lie to you like that, we will always tell you exactly how each animal is raised, what it is fed and where it was kept on the farm. We will even show you!

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