Our Story

Where it Began…

A Brief History

Fulcrum Farm has two stories and both are important, one is the story of how we farm and the other is what we farm.

Who we are is what sets us apart from 99.9% of farms out there; we care more about providing an amazing life for our animals than we care about making a dime. This means we provide a huge amount of space per animal both indoors and out. We never use herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones in the farming process. We use the nitrogen cycle instead of fighting it, that is to say, we allow fields where animals have grazed – to rest – allowing all the waste they produce to be absorbed by the plants and used as fertilizer. Watching the chickens, ducks, pigs and goats roam free every day, doing what comes natural to them, is an amazing sight that makes all the hard work worthwhile!


The story of what we farm also differentiates us from the pack. We started with just 28 chickens and quickly realized that we couldn’t eat 20 eggs a day so we started giving eggs away to friends and family. An employee of The Cottage on Dixie obtained some of our eggs and asked if we would sell them eggs. Soon after we obtained the proper licenses, we started selling chicken and duck eggs. A year later we started raising quail and a few years later we started selling pork as well. This year we started working with a second farm to raise cows, no beef yet, but that will be here before you know it!

Giving ❤ for Quality

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